Hi! I’m Ashley and I enjoy long walks on the beach (no honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do). If you asked my friends to describe me (which I did) they would say I am a bold, no-nonsense, go-getter who is the life of the party. However, if you asked me to describe me, I would say I’m just a friendly gal who enjoys talking and getting to know people, who’s never met a dog or cat she didn’t like.

I love Jesus with all that am, and I love to try and worship Him through all that I do. I love my husband, my cat, making my house a home, the weather (I almost studied meteorology in college but realized that math and science were never my strong suits), binge watching TV shows, reading, sitting outside when it’s nice out, cooking, eating, a good glass of wine, cleaning, organizing, and walking around TJ Maxx aimlessly. I can quote almost every line of Baby Momma (Why you all shiny like a soul food cook?), really enjoy superhero movies and I’m currently obsessed with psychological thriller novels and true crime documentaries. I think my ultimate goal in life is to have my home featured in Real Simple magazine. Don’t judge me.

I am a Virginian born and raised, I grew up with two younger brothers, and so it’s no surprise that I am often known as the “mom” of the group. My parents raised me to be kind, thoughtful, patient, strong and to fully love the Lord, and I try not to let them down everyday. I graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication and am currently working at Regent University in the office of Alumni Relations and Events. As I mentioned earlier, I love talking, but in reality I love all forms of communication. My husband would tell you that I am an over-communicator, and while he might be onto something, my love for communication is what helped me decide to start this blog with Kylie and Chelsea. I really hope that this blog brings you joy as you read it, because let me tell you what; it brings me so much joy to write it.

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Hey! I’m Chelsea, but you can call me Chez (only a few people call me that now, but I’m trying to make it a thing). I’m an ALL-IN type of person. I often go overboard and take things to the extreme, so yes, I have done whole30 numerous times. I’m incredibly thankful to have friends and family who will reel me back in and honestly don’t know how I would survive without them. I have a real talent for being able to sleep anywhere at any time (babies on airplanes don’t even phase me). I also like to sing, eat tacos, look at memes and tell myself that one day I will have a capsule wardrobe.  

I love making people laugh, overuse puns and generally think I am funnier than I actually am (It’s the puns, I know). I’m athletic, but not graceful. I’m a bit like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, because I’m pretty sure I’ve said the equivalent to “How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?” when talking about basketball (I was good. Not great.). CrossFit is my thing now and it’s something I hope to be a part of for the rest of my life.

The greatest purchase I have ever made (besides TSA pre check) was the MoviePass. My husband and I are obsessed with movies – but in a good way. He works in the film industry and I’m currently going to school to get my MFA in Script & Screenwriting. I firmly believe that well-told stories can impact lives and my dream is to write films, plays and television that would move people towards Jesus.

I’ve lived in several different states (Texas, WV, Maine, Ohio and now Virginia) and will fiercely claim each one as “home” if any of them ever come up in conversation. I hit the jackpot when it comes to family and could write a whole series on how wonderful, generous, hilarious and passionate they all are – Yep, that even includes the in-laws. I’m telling you, I struck gold when I stalked met my husband. My favorite days of the week are Thursdays and Sundays because I get to be at church and that is where I feel the most at home in this world.

In my current job, I get the opportunity to help high school students through the college admissions process. It’s fun to see how students talk about what matters to them in their essays. Some try to be creative, while others try to sound scholarly. But the ones I like best are the ones that are honest, because those allow me to know their story better. Through this blog, Ashley, Kylie and I want to share our story and what matters to us – the big stuff and the little stuff. I can’t promise scholarly, but I can promise we’ll be creative and will always be honest. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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I’m Kylie & it’s so nice to meet you! I love my family & friends more than anything in the world. Being called ‘loyal’ is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. I love Christmas wayyyyyy more than the average person. I’m an avid list maker & love all things organization (spreadsheets, calendars, planners – only the paper kind). I love singing and am a sucker for some good harmonies. I’m a weirdo who prefers winter and snow over summer and humidity any day. In another life I was a Disney princess & I’m still convinced I am the star of the next Disney Channel musical (don’t get me started on High School Musical…).

My friends are shocked if they see me wearing a color other than black, but I’ve been told I have a bubbly personality (so no need to worry about me). I love writing, reading, thunderstorms, ice cream, traveling, road trips, ferris wheels, and America. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and I clean when I’m stressed. Making decisions quickly is not my strength. I’m a little bit of a picky eater & I hate odd numbers. My favorite number is 7 (odd number, I know.). I love stories. Roller coasters are not my thing and I spend way too much money on makeup.

Now that you know way more than you probably asked for, here’s how I got here! I grew up in Dayton, OH with my parents & two younger sisters. When I was 11 my family moved to Sydney, AUS while my dad attended Hillsong International Leadership College. We lived there for two years before moving back to the U.S. & making our home in Virginia Beach, VA where I’ve been ever since. I graduated from Regent University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and here we are!

Most importantly, I am unapologetically in love with Jesus and His church. I’d rather spend my time there than almost anywhere else. Worship is my thing & I plan on doing it until I die. I’m passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and living their best life. Our goal with this blog is to help you do just that! There’s so much happening in our world today so we created this little space of the internet with the hopes of it brightening someone’s day & maybe even encouraging someone to keep going! This blog is so special to me because I get to do something I love with the people I love – what more could I ask for!

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