A Perfectly Ridiculous Christmas

The three of us have been friends for a long time and we have always loved celebrating Christmas together. One of the first traditions we started over six years ago, was our Christmas party! For the past six years, the three of us pick a night in December, usually a Friday or Saturday night, where we gather at one of our houses and celebrate Christmas (and our friendship). Our parties have always included comfy pajamas, gifts, yummy treats and of course, caroling. This year was no different. We all gathered at Kylie’s house to get comfortable, and then it was party time! As you all know by now, Chelsea is pregnant, and, because we’re all feeling a bit more sentimental this year, we decided in lieu of gifts, we would go together and each pick out an ornament that signified something important from our year. We all loved the idea so much, it’s now going to become a permanent staple in the Perfectly Ridiculous Christmas party!


Quick backstory! The three of us have all worked in Copy Services at Regent. Honestly, our friendship became all it is today either in Copy Services or at church. Back to our Christmas party – because we all worked at Copy Services for a decent amount of time (Chelsea and Ashley both worked there for 5 years, Kylie worked there for 4), we are still very close with our old boss Peter (shoutout!). Every year the three of us come up with an entire choreographed caroling routine, drive to Peter’s house and surprise him. Sadly, this year Peter’s daughter was sick, so instead, we went to Kylie’s parents house and had them record our caroling so we could text it to Peter.

This year’s ornaments are really great! Ashley got one that looks just like her cat Shep, and although Shep joined the Weekley family at the end of last year, this was really the year that Shep showed us his true personality. Chelsea, for those of you who don’t know, loves s’mores. So of course when we found this hilarious pregnant melting s’more we knew it was fate. Kylie’s ornament documented a huge accomplishment from this year, moving into her first apartment!

After ornament shopping, a quick stop for pizza, and going to Kylie’s parents house for caroling (and quality time with baby Lucy, Kylie’s niece), we ran to Kroger to stock up for our next Christmas party staple, Christmas treats! We normally only make treats for ourselves, however these are great for any occasion and could be great for your next Christmas get together! This year we made oreo truffles, brownie gingerbread treats, holiday muddy buddy mix and sugar cookies! Only tip, make sure when making the brownie gingerbread treats, you let the brownies & cookies cook all the way… Ours were a bit too gooey to work with. The easiest treat to make would probably be the holiday muddy buddy mix, and in our opinion, you can never go wrong with the salty sweet combo!

We love Christmas and spending time with loved ones around the holiday season! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


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