Apple Picking at Carter Mountain



Apple picking in Charlottesville at Carter Mountain Orchard is a Perfectly Ridiculous tradition. Once a year we get up really early to take the 3 hour drive from Virginia Beach up to the mountain! Our day (of course) starts with Starbucks, because we are basic white girls, and because we’re up on a Saturday before 6am. This year’s trip was extra special because it wasn’t just the 3 of us – Baby Burnette joined us in her mommy’s tummy! She was a wonderful addition, she basically slept the whole time.


When the 4 of us arrived in Charlottesville we added a couple layers (we were greeted by the cold weather on the mountain) and started our day by picking pumpkins. We’re all about some non-typical pumpkins, so Ashley choose a beautiful green one.


Next it was apple picking time. As you can imagine, apple picking time mostly means picture taking time, with a few apples being picked. See below.




We did actually pick a few apples! Those were put into pies, homemade cinnamon applesauce, an apple crisp and yummy snacks! Granny Smith apples and cheddar cheese is the best snack of all time, just in case anyone was wondering (per Ashley).  


We think apple picking is the perfect fall activity. The view from the mountain is amazing and it’s great to get outside and walk around in the fresh air. Plus, apples are yummy and you can take cute photos while you pick them!


P.S. If you ever get the chance to visit Carter Mountain, the warm apple cider DONUTS are a must. Trust us.


What’s on your fall bucket list? Do you have any fall traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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