Cozy Nooks

In case we haven’t made it clear, we are VERY ready for fall. We’re so ready for fall, we’re out here in the 90 degree weather wearing leggings and sweatshirts. We just try to ignore the sweat… While it might still be hot outside, we are blasting the AC indoors and putting out all the fall decor trying to make sure it feels like fall!

One of our favorite things to do during fall is find a cozy nook to curl up in and enjoy a book, some quiet time or a movie. What exactly is a cozy nook you ask? Well, let us show you.



Since my apartment is super small, it could all be considered a cozy nook, but I do have a few favorite spots within my apartment which I consider to be the coziest! I start off most mornings with a cup of coffee and some quiet time with Jesus and I have two spots to choose from. The first being either end of my couch. Both sides have a place for me to place my coffee, and since our couch is pretty deep set I can grab a blanket and curl up. However, if the weather is cooperating, my favorite spot is the porch. I LOVE getting up before the sun comes up and sitting outside while it rises. It feels like I am watching something I’m not supposed to see. The whole world is quiet and I get to witness it waking up.



My last spot would of course be my bedroom. I sleep on the side closest to the windows, so if it’s a quiet afternoon and I feel like reading while Shea is watching TV I will just go into the bedroom, open the blinds, light a candle and be SO cozy. It’s not only the spot that makes it cozy though, it’s the extras that make it cozy. My friends can verify this fact: I love candles and I constantly have one burning. Candles make things super cozy and nothing screams fall to me like the a White Pumpkin candle burning while I do literally anything. Add a blanket and maybe some coffee and I am set.  



I’m the girl who pulls out all the fall candles and decor on September first. I’m hoping that if I make my apartment feel like fall then maybe outside will follow suit. If anything, it makes me feel so cozy every time I walk in my door.


Like Ashley, I love waking up early (it’s a new love that I’m still reminding myself that I love…). My go-to spot in the morning is my little dining table. I open my blinds, light a fall candle, and enjoy my quiet time and coffee (or kombucha) surrounded by pumpkins and all things coze. I’m about to finally get a couch, so I’m excited for fall evenings curled up with my new throw and a good book on the couch!


I love how your space affects your mood. I’m big on the little details that can make the biggest difference. Most of my decor is from the Target dollar section (HELLO) and my favorite candles are from TJMaxx and Bath & Body Works (watch for sales!). Making your space cozy doesn’t have to break the bank! I love my little apartment in the fall and I’m making myself slow down and enjoy this season before I get too excited about Christmas…



I have two favorite cozy nooks in my home. One is so comfortable that it is the prime napping spot in the house and the other, while not as physically comfortable, puts my mind at ease and allows me to focus – this is especially important when I need to get homework done.

So, slight confession: The first spot isn’t so much a nook. It’s the couch in my living room. BUT, it’s an “L”-shaped couch and you can sink into the corner of it and I think that should count as a nook. It is the epitome of cozy because you add one of my favorite blankets and light the apple spice candle and I am instantly surrounded in comfort. (It’s also the optimal viewing spot for the television – comfortable + entertained? Yes please.)


The other spot is in the loft. There is a futon, coffee table, small lamp on an end table and several hundred dvds. These don’t automatically scream cozy, but it is one of my favorite spots in the house and here is why: The little lamp gives off the perfect amount of warm light, the futon is comfortable enough to relax (but not so comfortable as to encourage instant napping like the couch), the coffee table is the coolest thing we own (a friend MADE it for us as a wedding gift – it looks like a film slate and is gorgeous), and the hundreds of dvds serve as an inspiration for my future screenwriting aspirations.


Where’s your favorite cozy nook? Have you already pulled out the fall decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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