HBD Kylie!


This past week I celebrated my 26th birthday. This birthday was truly the best birthday I’ve ever had and I felt incredibly loved and cherished by those closest to me. I’m so grateful for everyone who took the time to celebrate with me.


Okay, cheesy-ness over. Because my birthday falls so close to Labor Day (Fun fact: the year I was born my birthday was on actual Labor Day), it was the perfect day to invite my favorite girls to brunch since we all had the day off!

I chose Becca at the newly renovated Cavalier Hotel, and holy cow… If you ever have the chance to visit, please do yourself a favor and do it. The Cavalier is a gorgeous hotel and historic landmark in Virginia Beach. It was built back in 1926 and has been visited by many famous guests throughout the years. In 2012 the hotel was sold and the new owners fought for their vision of restoration and renovation. The end result is a newly renovated hotel that showcases original windows, flooring, and so many details that made The Cavalier an oceanfront icon. The attention to detail and historical accuracy paired with some modern accents combine beautifully to make a masterpiece of architecture.


Becca is one of the hotel’s dining options. Their brunch is delicious, the service is great, and the restaurant itself is an Instagrammer’s dream; natural lighting, porches with giant open doors, beautiful greenery inside and out, and a stunning patio with outdoor seating overlooking the garden – it is unreal. We enjoyed our brunch (I highly recommend the french toast), then took some time to walk around the grounds and take it all in.

We’re big fans of The Cavalier and Becca and are already planning our next visit. What are some hidden gems in your city that we should know about? Let us know below!


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