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At some point or another, we’ve all read an article in a magazine regarding skin care. You know what we’re talking about; it has a photo of a few ladies with flawless skin and it promises if you use the products they’re talking about your skin will look just like the girls in the photos. So, you go out, buy everything listed and one of two things happen: 1) either your skin doesn’t change at all or 2) you breakout, your skin burns and you realize you just wasted your money. Clearly you can tell that this may have happened to us more than once… One of our goals for this blog is to be able to discuss skincare and makeup, but we realize that everyone’s skin is different and not everything will work for everyone.

We decided to go to Ulta and have a professional tell us more about our individual skin types! We want to give a huge shout out to Renata with Dermalogica. Each of us went into the appointment with our individual concerns and learned so much. Renata mapped out our skin, asked about our current skin care routine and what products we use, then gave us advice and suggestions to fix our trouble areas!


Chelsea’s concerns coming into the appointment were simple, she just wanted to figure out why her makeup wasn’t staying on her face. Renata started with her skin mapping and we learned that Chelsea’s skin type is more dry than oily, that she has breakouts on her forehead and, like almost everyone in the world (besides maybe the Kardashians), she has blackheads on her nose. Renata told her that to help with her dryness she needed to exfoliate more to get rid of the dead skin cells on her face (and invest in a great setting spray). These will help her makeup stay on her face longer. She also needed to use products that have A, C & E vitamins.


Kylie’s major concern was the oil in her t-zone. Renata assured her this was very normal but took it into consideration while completing Kylie’s skin mapping. Renata said she had a normal/combination skin type and much to Kylie’s surprise, she has dryness on her forehead and the sides of nose, along with blackheads on her nose. Renata suggested that Kylie continue using a gentle foaming cleanser and to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.


Lastly it was Ashley’s turn. Her worries included the redness on her cheeks and her breakouts. Renata started her skin mapping by noting that while she was not a dermatologist, she thought the redness could be rosacea and suggested Ashley check with a dermatologist. During her skin mapping we learned that she had an oily skin type and again, breakouts all over her face. Renata told Ashley that until she got her breakouts under control she had to stop using a harsh exfoliant to clean her face and instead to use a gentle cleanser and a chemical exfoliant.

Like we said at the beginning, we realize that everyone’s skin is different. We highly recommend getting a professional opinion for personalized solutions. The skin mapping & facials we did only cost $10 each at our local Ulta & we called a few days before to set up an appointment! Very easy and so worth it! We walked away with a better knowledge of how to best take care of our skin.

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