House Tour


Hi guys! Come on in!


Shea and I currently live in a one bedroom apartment, which is clearly not our forever home, but it will do for now. I like to think of my home as an extension of myself. I really pride myself in making a house feel like a home. While that is a little difficult in an apartment that we don’t own, I think I’ve done an okay job. My goal for our little apartment is for it to feel cozy and comfortable. I like a very soft color scheme, you’ll notice I have a lot of whites and creams, I think it helps everyone feel welcome and cozy right when they walk in.


The first room you see you‘ll see (granted if you stand in the doorway you can pretty much see the entire apartment, but that’s okay) is our living room. Our couch is one of my favorite pieces we own. It’s a deep set cream colored couch, and as a person with very long legs, I enjoy being able to curl up on the couch comfortably.


My favorite “corner” of the whole house is in this room. It’s right next to the TV and it has my favorite little rubber plant & our blanket basket. It’s seriously the cutest spot in the house if you ask me.


To your left is our kitchen. It’s nothing spectacular, however it’s much nicer than the kitchen in our first apartment which did not have a microwave or a dishwasher. So besides the dishwasher, which is a huge blessing, my favorite things are the framed watercolor kitchen prints on the wall.


One of them is a list of conversions, the other has different cheeses and the final one has different herbs on it. I just think they’re so cute, and don’t worry, we linked them so you can buy them!


Next you have our dining nook as I like to call it. It’s small, but it’s nice to have a spot where we can all sit down. Our table is Shea’s grandmother’s and I love having a piece of her with us always. That, and the woman had great taste; that table is sturdy and will probably be able to be passed down to our children. My favorite thing in this spot is the map of Shea’s family’s land in Alabama hanging on the wall. It was my gift to him for our paper anniversary and I think it’s super neat to have even more Weekley history on display.


Off of the dining nook is our patio. This is another spot that I am pretty proud of. I love having an outdoor place that is functional but also super cozy in it’s own way. I love the table because it’s big enough to actually use, and I love the bench because it’s comfortable but is also usable storage. Of course I adore the Edison bulbs, they give off the perfect ambient light and add to the cozy feel I am constantly trying to achieve. We’ll discuss my patio more in the future, but just know that I use it all the time (except when it’s 8,000 degrees outside – thanks Virginia).


Finally we have the bedroom. The story of our bed is a slightly funny one, but without going into that saga, just know that the bed we finally have is the bed of my dreams. I searched long and hard to find our comforter and our quilt (comforter for fall and winter, quilt on it’s own for spring and summer). I wanted something cute, clean and of course comfy. Both of our bedding options fit that bill and I love that I can be happy with each option. The artwork over the bed is so fitting for Shea and I, we are homebodies. I love being home with him and my kitty Shep, so if I had the option all the time, I would totally stay home.


So that’s it, not mentioned is our bathroom, pantry and laundry room, but those aren’t nearly as cozy as the rooms we looked at. Some keys to making sure your home is cozy; clean your house, my motto (ask Shea) is a clean home is a happy home. Cleaning isn’t something you do frantically before people come over, it’s a daily chore and for me it’s a labor of love. Light a candle. Candles bring warmth and can be very calming. Buy comfy pillows and blankets, they always make you feel cozy. And finally, love where you live. Even if it’s a tiny 600 square foot apartment make it your own, find you style and own it.



Welcome to my home!


All the walls are painted grey, which is completely on purpose (shout out to my husband and in-laws who painted EVERYTHING while I was at work – not entirely sure how I escaped that chore).


I am fortunate enough to absolutely love our first home after we got married. Eventually kids will come along and we’ll have to move to a bigger place (preferably with a yard and garage), but for now it is my favorite and my only regret about my house is that I don’t spend more time in it.



It’s got the perfect amount of space – feels big, but it’s not so huge that we have spaces we never see or use. Most (if not all) of the furniture was given to us by family and friends (#blessed) and I’m slowly putting things on the walls after two and a half years of living there.


Something unique about my home that most people don’t have is that my house is ALWAYS magically* clean. The floors are spotless, the sink and dishwasher seemingly empty themselves, the laundry gets done without me lifting a finger and the bed is always made. I’m convinced we have a house elf. (It must be scared of my closet though, because that is definitely not clean. ever.)

*Austin tells me he’s the one who does these things – but how can one man be that wonderful? Really. It’s gotta be a house elf.


One of my favorite spots in my house is the loft. It has a coffee table that was handmade for us as a wedding gift and the loft also houses my husband’s impressive movie collection. I also like that it’s kinda in the middle of everything, so I can put my headphones on when I’m doing homework, but still feel like I know what’s going on in the rest of the house. The kitchen is a space I should spend more time in, but my artistic side doesn’t really drift too far into the culinary arts lane (sorry, Austin).


Probably one of the most “personal” touches to our house are the pillows on our bed. Our bed is huge and amazing, and I searched high and low for headboard options. I finally figured out (with Ashley’s help) that I could use oversized pillows to create the look I was going for. The pillows are a mix of grey and white with a splash of silver – all pulled together perfectly by a Lego Batman throw pillow in the center (favorite Target find to date). Whatever your house looks like, be it all grey with Lego Batman pillows, make it your own and a place you love to be!


Side Note: Ashley & Kylie here – anyone else notice the pineapple decor trend in the Burnette household?


And behind door #3……. MY MYSTERY APARTMENT! I’m in the process of moving out, so unfortunately I don’t have any photos to show you (and the images in my head of how beautifully decorated my place will one day be don’t translate well).

I have always lived in my parent’s house (minus a quick semester in college where I attempted to live on campus), so this move has been a long time coming. I started compiling my “big girl box” when I was 16 years old, collecting plates, mugs, and kitchen accessories that I loved as I came across them. This “Big Girl Box” has turned into 6 boxes, so I know my parents are very excited to have their attic space back.

I’m so excited for this change and it could not be better timing! You’re going to be so sick of all my apartment photos by the time I’m moved and fully decorated, so stick around for more updates & sorry (not sorry) in advance for the overflow of photos.