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At Home Workouts for Summer

If you’re anything like us & the thought of going to a crowded gym full of people who know what they’re doing (or are really good at faking it & you feel like they’re silently judging you) is a little intimidating, we’ve got your back.

While Chelsea is at her gym doing Crossfit, we take the opposite route & stay true to our homebody selves. We decided to let you in on some of our favorite workouts to do from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Yoga with Adriene

YouTube is one of the best places to look for workouts. Adriene’s channel is organized with different playlists for whatever you need: 10-15 minute practices, yoga for weight loss, 30 day challenges, yoga for runners, gentle yoga, seated yoga, yoga for beginners… All the variations of yoga you could ever need all for FREE.


One of our favorites is the “Morning Yoga” video. It’s a great flow to do first thing (after a cup of coffee of course) before starting the day. We’re planning on taking on the 30-Day Yoga challenge this September, so be watching our Instagram for updates!



  1. Popsugar Fitness

Yet another YouTube gem. These workouts are more cardio based and will kick your butt. Again, there are playlists where you can easily choose between 20 minute workouts, full-body, strength training, no equipment needed, dance workouts and anything else you can imagine.


We tend to gravitate towards the 30 minute range, no equipment videos. Just be prepared to sweat. A lot.


  1. Challenges

We’re all pretty competitive, so any time there’s a challenge involved – #challengeaccepted.

One of Chelsea’s favorites is the MyFitnessPal 28-Day squat plan. Stay tuned, because we’re planning to take on this challenge and will need some audience participation.


Lastly, Pinterest is one of the easiest places to find some great challenges. Just search “fitness challenge” and you’ll be met with butt challenges, ab challenges, plank challenges, and all the “Slim & Sculpt” challenges you’ve ever wanted (or didn’t know you wanted).

So there you have it! These are some of our favorite ways to stay in shape without ever stepping foot outside. Let us know if you try any of these workouts!