Welcome to Perfectly Ridiculous! We’re so glad you’ve found your way to our little pizza slice of the internet. We are three best friends who decided to take our love of people, storytelling and all things lifestyle and turn it into something we could share with others. We’ve created a place where we get to talk about all the things we love most in the hopes that along the way you would fall in love with it too! We know that life looks different for everyone; it’s not always easy or “Instagram worthy.” We’ve come to realize that appreciating the little things and celebrating the moments & the people we love is what it’s all about.

A little history: Back in 2014 we started this blog together and got a little too ambitious. We LOVED creating content, but the way we went about it was not sustainable, and it was a different season of life. Over the last four years, we’ve had the same desire to write and to create, but have suppressed it while we navigated college graduations, marriage, new jobs, and #adulting.

We finally reached the point where we felt like we might explode if we didn’t have an outlet to CREATE in whatever form that looks like for us, so we have worked hard and put in so much effort to make this the best we can. Perfectly Ridiculous is extremely special to us. More than our love for Target, TJ Maxx or Sephora (which are deeply rooted loves), this blog is about sharing our love for life & the moments and people worth celebrating

Maybe you found us through Instagram or social media, a search or recommendation, or maybe you’re an OG from 2014. No matter how you ended up here, we are so honored that you have taken the time to get to know us better. We know that your time is valuable, so we do not take it lightly that you decided to spend it with us! We hope that you’ll join us & leave with a greater appreciation of life – no matter what it looks like for you!